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Localisation is a definite advantage of Chrzanowski Poviat. It is situated in North Western part of małopolskie voivodship, in area of Krakowsko-Czestochowska and Śląska altitude. The capital of poviat is Chrzanów, lying 50 km north west from Kraków and 30 km east from Górnośląska Agglomeration. The proximity of both centres, attracting capital and localisation by the communicational network make Chrzanowski Poviat attractive place for investors.

Poviat consists of four urban and rural gminas: Alwernia, Chrzanów, Libiąż, Trzebinia, and one rural gmina Babice. Poviat covers the area of 371,5 km2. It is inhabited by 129,1 thousand people. Almost two thirds of citizens of poviat lives in cities and urbanisation indicator is 62,7%. The density of population in Chrzanowski Poviat is 347,5 people over km2, while in region it is 213,5 people over km2.

The communication network is well developed. Poviat Chrzanowski has 2 324 km of roads. Highway A4 Kraków-Katowice passes through the poviat. Also a railroad junction, transeuropean train thoroughfare East West is located in Trzebinia. Approximately 20 km from the border of Chrzanowski Poviat one of the biggest airport in Poland is situated. The Balice airport remains communication with Warszawa and number of cities in Europe and assuring connection with all big airports all over the world.

Starostwo Powiatowe w Chrzanowie
ul. Partyzantów 2, 32-500 Chrzanów
tel. (032) 625 79 00, fax (032) 625 79 55