Economic Guide of Chrzanowski Poviat

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  Dear Sir/Madame

We are pleased to present you Guide of Chrzanowski Poviat.

The publication covers all important information about poviat and its gminas, presenting poviat as a place for potential investments. Besides investment offers we are presenting a short characteristic of economic sphere and business support institutions.

Chrzanowski Poviat is a place of growing social and economic activity. Diligence and kindness of inhabitants, their activities, make it become a very attractive region.

Poviat's Board with gminas takes many actions in order to aid local entrepreneuship, create compact economic policy, initiate actions for poviat development, effective promotion of region. All the actions allows for actuation of common activities, facilitation in access to domestic and foreign founds and aids for more efficient establishing of international contracts.

We want to interest with matters of Chrzanowski Land, those who can in future become our partners. We look for active people, seeking possibilities of realisation of their ideas and ready to invest in our poviat. The authorities of Chrzanowski Poviat and gminas are open for all propositions in favour of development of the region. For all those who are interested in investing we are offering wide range of help.

Short term of functioning of poviat brings a remarkable development in all spheres. Taken social initiatives, aided by authorities of poviat and communes create conditions for further comprehensive growth of Chrzanowski Land.

We are encouraging you to visit Chrzanowski Poviat and to cooperation.

Starostwo Powiatowe w Chrzanowie
ul. Partyzantów 2, 32-500 Chrzanów
tel. (032) 625 79 00, fax (032) 625 79 55